Oklahoma Foot & Ankle Specialists


 A neuroma is a growth of nerve tissue most commonly between the third and fourth toe bones which is very painful. Neuromas are caused when the bones in the feet put pressure on the nerves and cause irritation. Foot injuries can also cause neuromas.

There are many forms of treament with neuromas. Since neuromas often form in women who wear high heels frequently, a simple change to shoes with good support can help prevent nerve irritation. Often times, padding and taping around the foot can help to relieve pressure as well. Lastly, physical therapy and medication can be prescribed to help deecrease pressure on the foot nerves.

However, your podiatris my suggest surgery or injections if other treaments have not helped to alleviate the pressure and tension on neuromas. It is important to talk with your podiatrist about the options avaliable for treament of neuromas.