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Bunions, or an excess or misaligned bone in the joint, are the most common big toe problem. They are most often caused by incorrect food mechanics. Since the big toe is critical to movement, bunions can make walking or even standing very painful. There are two types of bunions and luckily they can both be treated.

  1. Positional bunions: Mild bunions that arise from the growth of new bone.
  2. Structural bunions: Severe bunions that result when the joint at the base of the toe shifts positions.

Bunions can be treated in various ways. If the problem is not severe, a different style of shoe may remedy the problem. A prescription custom-made shoe insert to control incorrect foot mechanics may also be used to eradicate the issues. However, painful bunions may require outpatient surgery.

It is important to talk to your podiatrist if you believe you have bunions or any other foot or ankle problem since most of these problems will not fix themselves.

This is a photograph comparing what a foot with and without a bunion looks like.